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IV Hydration Therapy

IV (intravenous) Hydration therapy involves infusing different vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream for a number of different benefits. IV infusions allow the nutrients to bypass the gut for greater absorption in the body. IV therapy can be used for a number of different reasons and can help promote and improve a healthy lifestyle. 

This quick and low risk infusion yields great outcomes. Each infusion is tailored to specific health and wellness goals. Whether you are tired from a recent trip or illness or just want to improve overall health and beauty there are a number of different IV drips to help achieve those goals. Health and wellness is a priority for our patients at OI Medical Aesthetics. Schedule an appointment today to begin your journey!

IV Drips


The most essential of IV therapies used in the clinic. This serves as the foundation for our premium drips, without the add-ons. This drip helps hydrate the body and speeds up recovery.


Add a B12 injection for even better outcomes $15


One of our most popular IV drips. Physician Dr. John Myers first introduced this “cocktail” to his patients. A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals help to reduce fatigue, improve immunity, alleviate stress and even help with chronic pain. This drip can help restore overall balance leaving you feel rejuvenated.


Inner Beauty

This drip is designed to help bring out your radiance and natural glow! The infusion will help with the overall health of your hair, skin and nails. This drip can also help improve the look of wrinkles and help quench tired skin. This is a great infusion to do before your big day!



Feeling sluggish or can’t seem to recover from a recent illness? This drip helps boost your immune system and gets you back on track. It can also help build your immune system to help fight future illnesses.


On the Move

This drip is designed to jump start your metabolism and will leave you feeling more energized. This drip also assists with weight loss by burning fat and boosting your metabolism at the same time. If you are an athlete this can also help with your overall performance

$165 • Add on a B12 injection $15 


For when you have had a long night out or may have had one too many the night before. This drip helps reboot your system and fight fatigue and nausea. It will rehydrate your body and restore essential vitamins

$175 • Add on a B12 injection for an additional $15
Add on a Pain relief injection for an additional $30 to help rid you of any lingering headaches

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